With a powerful workspace, the end-user has a rich interface offering a user friendly, highly graphical application on which to create high definition visuals.

User-driven customisation via drag-&-drop interface

Pick the elements you want to see and place them onto the dashboard. Easily customise each dashboard to suit the intended users.

Choose from any number of graphic visuals or display the data directly. Change the colour, fonts or logo images to suit your company branding.

Available anywhere

Available via the web or Ipad, dashboards can be viewed on most devices. Quickly and easily export dashboards for those needing a hard copy.


Choose between private or public dashboards

Security features ensure that only authorised users can see dashboards. Users are free to build dashboards in private before sharing.

Data aggregation

Consistently structured data can be sourced from multiple places meaning you can show the right data-rich visuals to the right audience.

Consistent granular data source

Guarantee that all dashboards are built from a single version of the truth as everything comes from the same source. Users can learn more at any time by drilling down on an element or any visual.