Our financial and AUM reporting modules enrich and standardise your data to address all core reporting requirements.

Automation and standardisation means you can confidently expect month end reporting to be completed within the first few days. Reporting packs can be quickly rolled forward via the market leading excel add-in, whilst new reports or ad hoc analysis can be created in real time.

Shared dimensions and hierarchies ensure powerful and consistent analytics and reporting structures across the business:

  • AUM and income are fully integrated.
  • Costs and headcount reporting is fully aligned.

Most importantly, one data set is used for all internal, external & ad hoc reporting.

Regulatory reporting, capital adequacy and ICAAP

Your ability to automate the production of core regulatory reports depends on how your data is structured. We can work with you to re-define your chart of account structures, segments or any other business structure to deliver the required granularity.

Alternate hierarchies mean you can use the same data set for all reports. For example, a detailed chart of account can be rolled up into a different hierarchy for each of internal MI reporting, external financial statements and required regulatory reports.

We are in the process of building out ICAAP and capital adequacy reports from our reporting and forecasting modules. Please contact us for more information.

Reporting Controls

A full audit trail is embedded throughout. Users can understand where the results have come from and any transformation along the way.

Historic data and reporting outputs are fully available within the solution. Variance analysis and movement analysis become the norm as users start to understand the financials and underlying drivers:

  • Issues over AUM valuations or unexpected yield results can be identified and passed upstream.
  • Cost or headcount data can be instantly compared to expected or prior period and challenged where necessary.