What If

The multi-dimensional modelling capabilities of our solution, underpinned by IBM Planning Analytics, lets you test assumptions, adjust priorities and allocate resources in real time.

What-if modelling can help your firm manage risk during the decision making process. Quick, accurate and reliable scenario analysis enables users to further understand the impact of decisions made and significantly reduce the risk on the company’s financials.

Users have typically performed what-if scenario modelling in spreadsheets, accepting the risks and challenges that go with it. Our solution allows for much more complex, multi-dimensional what-if models.

Users can quickly create private sandboxes from a consistent base data and overlay single or multiple scenarios. Results can be quickly shared, absorbed into central forecasts or simply deleted.

“With its IBM TM1-based calculation engine, IBM Planning Analytics has always been strong in what-if scenario modeling.

So it was no surprise that the BARC report said “Simulation and scenario analysis are a strength of Planning Analytics.” The solution “ranks top for ‘Simulation & scenario analysis’ in all of its peer groups.”

The report also highlighted how the solution’s “sandbox” capability for modeling scenarios benefits users: “Sandboxes are available in all Planning Analytics clients… Multiple sandboxes can be stored and restarted as required.”

Source: IBM

What If